Caring For Your Hawthorn Products 


Silk Care

Hawthorn Country silk scarves are 100% mulberry silk and their vibrancy comes from a digital screen-printing process. Hand wash your silk scarf in 30 degree Celsius water and use a very mild detergent so as not to damage the integrity of your silk scarf. Do not wring your scarf too vigorously and avoid soaking for longer than a couple of minutes. Do not use chlorine bleach as it will damage the silk fabric and ruin the vibrancy of your scarf - if stubborn stains are incurred, consult your dry cleaner.

Avoid drying your scarf in direct sunlight as prolonged periods of sun-exposure will damage the silk. We do not recommend using a clothes dryer.

If wrinkles are minor, hanging your silk scarf overnight should suffice. Otherwise, press the scarf on the reverse side using a cool iron setting (most irons have a “Silk” setting). 

Substances containing alcohol will damage silk fabric. So let your perfume and hairspray dry before dressing.


Cashmere Care

Cashmere is a luxury fabric which needs care and attention in order to prolong its life. We do not recommend machine washing your cashmere garment, but if you are pressed for time then it is possible to turn your garment inside out in a wash bag and choose the most delicate setting for wash and spin at 30ºC.

When at all possible, we do recommend that you hand wash your cashmere in 30ºC water and a generous capful of very mild/gentle wool wash (or cashmere wash if you have access to it). Rinse thoroughly, pressing out the excess water, but do not wring. Instead, lay out flat to dry away from sunlight and reshape while damp. Hanging or wringing your cashmere will distort the shape and fit.

All cashmere garments pill during their lifetime. Pilling are the little balls of fluff that build up on the surface of your cashmere over time which is the cashmere fibre naturally shedding. Pilling is caused by the wearing, not the washing, of the garment and is not a sign of inferior quality. All that is required is a cashmere comb or a “pilling machine” which can be easily purchased. Simply lay your cashmere on a flat surface and comb over your garment to quickly and easily remove any pilling. Over time pilling will reduce when it is combed regularly and your cashmere will be preserved for longer.

Caring for your cashmere continues into the storing of your garment. Store freshly cleaned cashmere, so it is free from any residual body oils, perfumes or deodorant. Cedar balls or sandalwood are easy to source products which repel moths without the odour produced by traditional mothballs.


Leather Care 

Leather care is an important part of owning beautiful leather products. At this point we do not offer a house brand of leather care products, but generally it is advisable to use a leather balm or conditioner to maintain the condition to ensure that your gloves last as long as possible.         


Quilted Jacket Care

The Hawthorn Country quilts are easy to clean, as most of the fabrics used can be machine-washed. In saying that, please ensure you check the care label on the inside left seam of your jacket for specific care instructions according to your particular jacket style.

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