About Us

Hawthorn Country is a New Zealand-based clothing label offering quality English-style country attire and accessories to customers worldwide. We offer a contemporary range of luxury products at an affordable price.

With many years experience of country living, our products are designed to be fit for purpose. They will be seen as timeless, elegant and classic whilst also embodying the important qualities of durability and authenticity. We strive to produce trend-resistant, quality garments that will give you years of enjoyment. 

Our products have been carefully selected and designed with all of this in mind. We source raw materials such as: cashmere from Inner Mongolia, Ethiopian lamb leather and the best mulberry silk to ensure beautiful quality garments.


We are mother and daughter living on a farm in North Canterbury where the family grows Wiltshire sheep, Angus cattle and deer.   Over the years both generations have noticed that women’s country clothing in New Zealand is warm and practical but not particularly flattering, nor suitable for an easy transition to town. When holidaying in the United Kingdom and France we noticed a very different style of country attire which was flattering, yet still practical. 

Like many rural women, we spend a lot of time commuting between the farm and town – throughout the years we have travelled into town regularly for business, kindergarten, school, sport and nowadays for university. This being the case, we are constantly looking for garments which will easily transition with our lifestyle. 

Many New Zealanders make their living from the land. Many others enjoy an outdoor lifestyle living rurally, semi rurally or by being involved in sport or recreation that takes them outdoors such as skiing, sailing, hiking, horse riding, hunting, polo or camping.

Our garments are designed to be multi-seasonal, so you get the maximum enjoyment out of them in all of your pursuits. They will also look equally at home when attending a livestock sale, an A & P show or an excursion to town. 

Whether you are wandering down a country road, riding a horse, enjoying leisure time in a city park or even arriving at the office, your Hawthorn Country garments will standout whilst perfectly fitting in.

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